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Chronic Disease Management for Medical Offices Participating in ACOs, MSOs, IPAs, and Other Value-Based Payment Models

The average hospital readmission costs a hospital, medical group, or health plan $14,400 (2016 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality).  At just one hospital CHF clinic, we reduced readmissions by 15 in less than one year with savings that the hospital finance and clinical team estimated at $150,000.  To date (October, 2019), of 325 patients we have cared for, we have had just 17 readmissions within the first 30 days after hospital release for the same diagnosis as the initial hospitalization.  That's a rate of 5.23% in counties with a Medicare reported readmission rate of 19%.  Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) to indicate the level of satisfaction that our patients who have completed their care have with the experience is 95.  You can read some of their most recent comments below.

Once we assess and accept a patient, we guarantee to keep him or her in value-based contracts out of the hospital for 30 days if readmission is for the same diagnosis as the original admission or we will waive the monthly service fee for that patient.

The Care-A-Medix community paramedic cares for patients with COPD, CHF, hypertension, diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), asthma, arthritis, sepsis and more.

Support for pre and post surgery patients is also available for orthopedic and general surgery practices.

At no extra cost, Care-A-Medix offers HIPAA-compliant face-to-face audio and video communication between the patient and the medical office if desired. Installation of remote patient monitoring equipment is also available.

The Recovery at Home Care Collaborative package is $500/patient per month and includes up to 10 home visits to assess the living environment and patient condition, provide self-care education, and ensure a stable recovery.  Additionally, wound care, outpatient home care, lymphedema management and therapies are used to keep the patient recovering at home.  All services are synchronized to ensure a smooth transition experience for the patient.

Click on learn more on the banner above to discover how rewarding it can be to let Care-A-Medix reduce your financial risk exposure.  We'll send you via email a program slide set that explains how to implement the Recovery at Home Care Collaborative for your value-based populations.

Net Promoter Score

When our patients are asked "what does this program do really well?"

"Personal experience. Pays close attention to my needs"

"James takes the time to explain everything to me in a way I can understand it. He's a very special person."

"Makes sure people have the resources they need after they get out of the hospital."

"It's nice to have someone to come check on you and talk to you. I am happy and I will miss having James coming to visit me."

"This is an excellent program sent by the Lord."

"Excellent information to get medical condition in control to stay out of the hospital. Excellent follow-up and care."

"Keeps me thinking what I should do and what I shouldn’t do."

"It keeps you informed very well. It helps you with everything. It teaches you exactly what is going on in a language you can understand."

"They really listen and pay attention to your needs!"

"Personalized and interested in helping me recuperate"

"Immediate answers to questions. Even via call."

"I learned a lot and James did everything right. I would recommend it for everybody."