Company Paramedic

Care-A-Medix Company Paramedic lets self-insured employers including local governments, private companies, and not-for-profit organizations offer employees low-cost health evaluation, wellness education, health risk screening, and chronic care management at the worksite and in the home.

Unlike the usual paramedic role of providing triage, treatment, and transport to the hospital, Care-A-Medix Company Paramedics build employee relationships that promote good health, address rising health risks, and manage chronic health conditions. The paramedic works with the employee's physician to coordinate services, advance the plan of care, and evaluate the home setting for the social determinants of health that the physician may never see.

You can even extend the services and effectiveness of your existing site-based employer clinic.

The  Company Paramedic:

• Identifies health risks in the employee population

• Teaches wellness

• Addresses rising health risks

• Improves chronic disease self-care and health literacy

• Visits employees at work or home

• Can administer vaccinations, provide wound care, and offer other services that support good health

The Company Paramedic uses a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform that enables employees to have face-to-face consultations with physicians, pharmacists, wellness coaches, and others engaged in the medical plan of care.

A Care-A-Medix Company Paramedic works with each employee’s primary care physician to support the care plan and to reinforce preventive self-care. Evidence-based home assessments address medication reconciliation, home safety, proper nutrition, and other factors not always apparent during a medical office visit. 

The Company Paramedic works with your benefits consultant or site clinic to identify those employees with compromised health, allowing earlier intervention, self-care management education, and improved coordination of care with the employee’s own physician.  

Depending on the number of employees, adding a Care-A-Medix Company Paramedic to your health benefits program costs as little as $1 per employee per month (pepm). The services can be available full or part time.

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