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Chronic Care by Home Paramedics

Reduce unnecessary Emergency Room visits, hospitalizations, and hospital readmissions.

About Us

With grant dollars from five funders in 2016 and 2017, our not-for-profit health improvement organization developed and tested chronic care visits by home paramedics caring for patients with CHF, COPD, CKD, Diabetes, Hypertension and other chronic health challenges.  Our paramedics now have dialysis support training.

Our Results

As of April 1, 2021, we have cared for over 500 patients with over 2,000 home visits.  Our same cause hospital readmission rate remains under 6% in counties with a CMS Medicare rate of 19%.  Our Net Promoter Score is 99Our documented services at just one hospital enabled its CHF clinic to avoid expenses totaling $150,000 in the first 12 months. 

Where measured by avoided hospital readmissions, all our programs are showing a favorable Return on Investment.  See for yourself.  

Request our Risk Reduction ROI tool that enables you to measure your actual ROI and savings for Medicare Advantage, managed Medicaid, or ACO patients.  Contact Ken Peach at 407.451.7330 or [email protected]

New! Remote Patient Monitoring

Know when your patient needs your help.  Care-A-Medix now enables your medical office to receive notice when your Medicare patient's BP, blood sugar, oxygen saturation, or weight at home is outside of the normal range.  Review the patient's monthly updates and bill Medicare $50.82 for professional services.  If you prefer, the remote patient monitoring company will even do the billing for you.  Contact Marcus Prevot at 321.285.2290 or [email protected] to enroll your patients.​

New! Annual Wellness Visit with Advance Care Planning

Once enrolled in Medicare for a year, your Part B traditional Medicare patients are eligible for an Annual Wellness Visit.  The information gathering along with a face-to-face patient visit using telehealth enables your medical practice to serve your homebound patients or those concerned about COVID if asked to leave home.  There is also no co-pay if the Advanced Care Planning is done during the same home visit.  Patients find these services convenient as they don't have to leave home.  Your medical practice is able to bill for two additional services enhancing your revenues.  To learn more or to begin service, contact Marcus Prevot at 321.285.2290 or [email protected]

New! Paramedic - Pharmacist Partnership Available

Now you can offer your patients guideline-driven therapeutic recommendations tailored to your patient's comorbidities, recent lab work, and other medications.  The home paramedic and pharmacist team can resolve over 200 drug interactions, duplications from other prescribers, and necessary dose changes annually.  We have case studies for you to review that demonstrate both improved home patient care and payer savings.  Contact Marcus Prevot at 321.285.2290 or [email protected]


Accountable Care Organization?  Medical office with Medicare Advantage health plan contracts?  

Hospitalist group?  Self-Insured employer?  Managed Medicaid health plan? 

Care-A-Medix was designed to care for those in your practice, plan, or workplace that need home disease management and self-care education to reduce ER visits, hospitalizations and rapid return to the hospital.

Preventive Care Management for Higher Risk Patients

The initial visit assessment for a new patient includes vital signs, medication reconciliation, falls risk, depression risk, pantry and nutrition check, review of the home condition and identification of any social needs.   Visit documentation is made to the referring medical office upon completion.  Any number of visits may be scheduled over any length of time depending on the needs of the patient, the referring physician, or the payer.  Home labs, post-surgical care, and other services are available.

Clinical Consults with On-Site Health Assessment and Interventions

Paramedics carry cell-enabled iPad Pro tablets and smart phones equipped with HIPAA compliant telehealth capability.  With the home paramedic on site, receive a complete patient and living environment assessment before connecting for a face-to-face counseling session.  Physicians, nurses, social workers, mental health counselors, pharmacists, physical therapists and other clinicians are able to interact with the patient with the paramedic on-site to assist.

What Our Patients Say

Takes the time to explain everything to me in a way I can understand it.  He's a special person.

Makes sure people have the resources they need after they get out of the hospital.

It's nice to have someone come check on you an​d talk to you.  I am happy and I will miss having James coming to visit me.

This is an excellent program sent by the Lord.

What Our Clients Say

She was most thankful to our Home Paramedic James who had cared for her not just as a patient but as a dear friend.

AdventHealth Altamonte Hospital

(Home paramedic) Marcus was able to facilitate getting that patient seen immediately to address the hematoma, and start the patient on antibiotics to treat the wound.

Orlando Health South Seminole Hospital

Educating the patients with resources available to them and that they are not aware of, giving them that sense of trust that you really care for their well-being and asking tough questions to get to the bottom of other issues is a big win not only for the providers but also for the patients.

Care Manager, office of Dr. John Cappleman 

Custom Solutions​

Each program is developed in cooperation with the client organization.  Use our electronic health record or yours.  Choose full or part time services or pay by the visit.  Let us participate in risk contracts for your value-based managed care plans.  Use your brand identity or ours.  Team us with your physicians, nurse practitioners, PAs, pharmacists, social workers, mental health counselors, or case managers.  Subcontract with us to provide Medicare billable services for your medical office patients.  Start your program in Florida or any other state.  Let us calculate your ROI before you commit.  Call or email Chief Home Paramedic Marcus Prevot to learn more:


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